What about the warranty?

We are only satisfied when you are. We therefore promise working software with our installation guarantee.
If the code you receive from us does not work, you will immediately receive a new one. Please contact Customer Service for this.
For example, if you have purchased a 3-month license, we guarantee that it will work for 3 months!

How long are the delivery times?

Our automatic e-mail system ensures that your digital article is sent to your e-mail box within 5-10 minutes with all accompanying materials. If it takes longer than 10 minutes, please wait at least 3 hours before contacting customer service.
(Update: Our mailbox server is currently down due to the workload, so sending the e-mail can take up to 12 hours.)

Are the licenses you offer legal?

We buy large volumes of licenses worldwide from companies that have purchased too much, unused licenses that have never been activated and used licenses. Due to the large quantity in purchase, we can also offer these at cheaper prices.
These licenses are all 100% legal, as stated in the judgment of the European Court in case C-128/11.

Source: https://curia.europa.eu/juris/document/document.jsf?docid=124564&doclang=EN

Can I return my product?

Returns are always free with us and are possible up to 4 weeks after the purchase date. You can request a return form via customer service, after which we will refund the purchase amount.

Please note that the item meets the return conditions, which apply to all requests for a refund.